Coaxial – popular in the 1970’s and 1980’s – resistant to electromagnetic interference (EMI), high bandwidth, expensive compared to twisted pair

Baseband – one signal at a time, digital

Broadband – multiple signals, analog

UTP – unshielded twisted pair

STP – shielded twisted pair

Cable Types / Naming Convention:

XXyyyyZZ – xx: max speed, yyyy: baseband or broadband, ZZ: distance or technology

TypeMax SpeedDistanceInstallation DifficultyEMI VulnerabilityNote
10Base210 MBps185 mMediumMediumCoaxial thinnet
10Base510 MBps500 mHighLowCoaxial Thicknet
10BaseT (UTP)10 MBps100 m LowHigh
STP155 Mbps100 m MediumMedium
100BaseT/TX100 Mbps100 m LowHigh
1000BaseT1 Gbps100 m LowHigh
Fiber-Optic2+ Gbps2+ kmMed-HighNone
UTP Categories
1Voice onlyModems only, not network
24 MBpsHost-to-terminal mainframes; not network
310 MBps10BaseT Ethernet networks, telephone
416 MBpsToken ring networks
5100 MBps100BaseTX, FDDI, ATM networks
5e100-1000 MBps5 enhanced
61000 MBpsHigh-speed networks
710 GBps10 Gigabit speed networks